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Famous faces make appearance on Topps Jeter card

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Derek Jeter's card from the first series of 2007 Topps Baseball features a nice action photo of the Yankees superstar at the plate, but it's what's going on in the background of the photo that catches the eyes of most people who have seen this card.


An image of President Bush, smiling and waving to the crowd, appears in the box seat area. Meanwhile, legendary slugger Mickey Mantle can be seen in the Yankees dugout with a bat on his shoulder.

Topps public relations manager Clay Luraschi said the card was the result of an artist's spoof of the card accidentally getting into the print run.

"Somewhere between the final proofing and the printing process, one of our artists thought it would be funny to put President Bush and Mickey Mantle on Derek Jeter's card," said Luraschi. "We did not see the card until it was printed and once we did, we could not do anything but laugh."

The image also appears on gold-bordered parallels of the Jeter card. As of Wednesday, more than three dozen Jeter/Bush/Mantle cards were being sold on eBay, with prices for the base card in the $10 range and the gold version going $20-$25.