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1993 Derek Jeter SP rookie card fetches $180K in auction

TUSTIN, Calif. – Just ahead of his certain election to the Baseball Hall of Fame, one of 22 1993 Upper Deck SP Derek Jeter rookie cards graded a 10 by PSA sold for a record-setting $180,000 as Memory Lane closed out the hobby’s first major auction of 2020 on Sunday.


The SP Jeter saw records established and fall three times in a span of five weeks with the Memory Lane sale topping PSA 10 Jeter cards that sold for $138,000 and $168,000 last month. The $180,000 price is more than five times the prices typically attained for similar auctions just five years ago.

Jeter is expected to be the top choice in the upcoming Baseball Hall of Fame balloting, which will be announced Jan. 31.

Over 1,300 lots were offered in the auction, which generated over $2.9 million, including the 20 percent buyer’s premium added to each winning bid.