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Clean Sweep launches into 2021 with Major Auction

Clean Sweep kicks off the new year with a Major Auction featuring a variety of memorabilia from signed jerseys and baseballs to vintage cards to signatures from legendary players. The auction is set for Feb. 3.

1 cracker jack ty cobb

The auction starts with 15 key lots: N172 Cap Anson and 1915 Cracker Jacks of Ty Cobb, Shoeless Joe Jackson, Walter Johnson, Grover Cleveland Alexander and Honus Wagner. It continues with 1951 and 1952 Bowman Mickey Mantles in very high-end PSA 1 slabs, and PSA 8 examples of the 1956, 1957, 1960 and 1965 Topps Mantles.

Other key lots include a nice 1937 Yankees team ball, a Babe Ruth-signed snapshot photo and signed check display, and signed jerseys from Mantle (Mitchell & Ness), Kobe Bryant (rare 2008 USA Olympic team) and Michael Jordan (limited edition six championships model). The final key lot is a superb 1920s Knute Rockne-signed photo.

Baseball cards are aplenty, as always, starting with a fresh run of Old Judges with Charlie Comiskey, a beautiful N173, an E90-1 Ty Cobb PSA 2.5, a T206 Walter Johnson Portrait PSA 2.5 and a Cracker Jack set. The Cracker Jacks were collected in the 1990s and include many that we sold the consignor; they have all been slabbed by PSA in the last few months. To make things interesting, Clean Sweep is going to sell nearly all of the cards as single lots, so be sure to dust off any want lists for collector-grade 1915 Cracker Jacks.

mantle jersey signed

The graded-card section includes several collector-grade 1930s Babe Ruth cards, a 1949 Bowman Jackie Robinson PSA 4 and a number of high-grade cards from 1959 through 1969. There are over 1,000 PSA 8 and PSA 9s in this section. The auction offers the stars and scarce commons as singles, the others are being offered in large lots. Highlights here include a 1959 Topps Bob Gibson RC PSA 8; 1960 Kahns Roberto Clemente and Frank Robinson; 1960, 1963, 1964 Topps Mantle PSA 7; a 1968 Topps Mantle SGC 9; and a 1964 Topps Hank Aaron PSA 8.5. The auction also offers some very esoteric Topps test issue wrappers and lots from the late 1960s, a run of uncut sheets and several sets.

Autograph collectors will see some nice signed 1933 Goudeys, six scarce Perez Steele keys, fine signatures from G.C. Alexander, Clemente, Walter Johnson, Thurman Munson and Cy Young.

cy young auto

The auction also has several very scarce vintage team-signed photos, including a 1938 Minneapolis Minners with Ted Williams, and the 1943, 1956 and 1963 Yankees. Also featured is a selection of large-framed prints, with many stunning giclees and other huge pieces. If you have the space, these are such amazing values in today’s market, as these are signed by top-line HOFers and have tremendous display value. We have many nice signed bats and a run of Detroit Tiger team balls dating to 1920 with many championship teams.

1938 minn. minners with ted wms

Items from other sports include a 1972 Julius Erving PSA 8, a 1986 Jordan RC PSA 2.5, and two 1986 Fleer PSA 8 packs. Football collectors will see several high-quality signed items and many nicer sets. 

1972 topps julius erving

Baseball memorabilia concludes the auction with a 2008 Phillies World Series ring, fine World Series Programs dating to 1913 and a broken set of Hartland statues with tags.

For more information, call (516) 625-0900 or visit

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