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Classic Collectibles to host Edmonton Oilers auct

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Classic Collectibles will be hosting a special auction Nov. 21-Dec. 15 for the Edmonton Oilers hockey club. The action will contain around 700 lots.

“The Edmonton Oilers of the 1980s were one of the greatest dynasties ever, with Gretzky, Messier, and Coffey,” said Marc-Henri Juteau, president of Classic Collectibles. “We are selling the items directly from the Edmonton Oilers, you could call it their archives.”

Some highlighted items scheduled to be included in the auction include: the Stanley Cup banners in the building; the first jersey Wayne Gretzky ever wore with the Oilers; Mark Messier’s last jersey with the Oilers; and a Jacques Plante Oiler mask and jersey. The auction will also include hundreds of other jerseys, including one from Gretzky’s retirement night. The jerseys that the players wore in the Classic Heritage game in 2003 will also be included.

There will also be plenty of Gretzky items in the auction, including: 30-40 Gretzky milestone pucks from the 1980s and at least 20 different Gretzky hockey sticks.

“For hockey fans, this is pretty big news,” said Juteau. “I think this will be the most important hockey auction ever produced. I think the the overall gross will probably be the most ever done by a hockey auction.”

The auction will be conducted on a special Web site that Classic Collectibles has put together for the Edmonton Oilers,

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