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Ruth memorabilia owned by Charlie Sheen sell for more than $2 million each

A Babe Ruth World Series ring and a contract for the sale of Ruth from the Yankees to the Red Sox, both owned by Charlie Sheen, recently sold at auction.
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Two Babe Ruth memorabilia items that were owned by actor Charlie Sheen each sold for more than $2 million in the Lelands auction that closed July 1.

The first item, Ruth’s 1927 New York Yankees World Series ring, sold for $2,093,927 after receiving 31 bids.

According to the auction lot description, the ring was obtained directly from Babe Ruth’s wife, Claire Ruth, in the 1970s by Barry Halper. The ring was then sold to a private collector in the mid-1990s. Lelands brokered that sale. The 14k gold ring with original diamond had never been auctioned or sold publically. The name “G.H. Ruth” is engraved inside the ring.

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The second item, the Sale of Babe Ruth from Boston Red Sox to New York Yankees Contract, sold for $2,303,320 after receiving 32 bids.

According to the auction lot description, the contract is Jacob Ruppert’s copy. Ruppert was the Yankees team owner. The contract was originally purchased directly by Halper from the Jacob Ruppert estate. The contract was then sold privately by Lelands.

The auction lot descriptions didn’t include any information about the current owner of the two items, but about a week prior to the close of the auction, revealed in an article written by Darren Rovell, that the two items were owned by actor Charlie Sheen.

According to the ESPN article, Sheen told ESPN on June 26 that he had cosigned the two items to Lelands.

“I’ve enjoyed these incredible items for more than two decades and the time has come,” Sheen said in the ESPN article. “Whatever price it brings is gravy.”