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While almost everyone who has ever collected sports memorabilia says theircollection is the best, we at have decided to put those claims to the test.

For our latest giveaway, we're going to decide who has the best collection based on a simple writing contest in which collectors describe why their collection is worthy of being in the spotlight. To play, simply describe in 150 words or less, why you think your collection is the best one out there.

Evaluations will be based on the stories behind the collections, not on who has accumulated the most sports memorabilia or who has been collecting for the longest period of time. In fact, the winner could be a person with only one item in their collection if the acquisition of that item came with an interesting story attached. The winning entry could be an extended search for a rare item that completed a set or a chase that finally produced your own personal white whale. It's basically anything you want it to be.

Each month the writer of the winning entry will not only get their name and photo displayed on the Tuff Stuff website (and a mention in the magazine) until the next winner is chosen, but they will also win (1) Authentic Autographed 8-by-10 Photo of a star of the NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL (i.e. Montana, Seaver, Schmidt, Marion, Leinart, etc... examples shown below) from our Prize Vault.

Chad Blake was our June contest winner, but our July contest got underway on July 2 and runs through July 27 so make sure to get your entries in by posting a reply to any of the posts marked "CHANCE TO WIN SIGNED PHOTOS: BEST COLLECTION CONTEST" and post your submission.

Please read over the Contest Rules below and submit your entries by simply clicking on the "Add Reply" button below or go to's Forums under the "Sports Talk" category and click on the "New Topic" button. Once you're there, type: Contest in the "Subject" line and click in the "Body"section of the template and start typing your entry. When you're finished, simply click on "Post Message" and that's it. The second monthly giveaway begins on July 2 with entries being accepted through July 27 before starting the process over again the following month. Winning entry will be determined on the last day of each month and published on the site in the Forums section in the Sports Talk category.

CONTEST RULES: One entry per person. Monthly winners are no longer eligible for future monthly contests. All entries must be submitted with no less than seven days remaining in the month to be considered for that month's monthly prize. Any entry that consists of more than 150 words or any using profanity or questionable material will not be eligible to win. Each winner will be determined by the F&W Publications staff based on content with no F&W employees or their families eligible to participate. Winning entries (along with a photo image of the winner) will be posted in the Sports Talk category during the first week of each month. Winners will be notified via e-mail where they will be asked to provide their mailing address and a photo image (if possible) to be used with the winning entry on the website. All entries will be considered for publication in Tuff Stuff or Sports Collectors Digest magazines with F&W Publications holding the right to publish their contents once they have been submitted. Only entries submitted with a valid e-mail address will be considered. To mail your entry send 150 words or less to:

F&W Publications, c/o: Scott Fragale
Featured Collector Contest
700 East State Street
Iola, WI 54990-001
Scott Fragale
Associate Editor

To enter, click here.

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