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Mile High Card Company November Auction features high-grade cards, sets

Mile High Card Company is closing out the year with a bang, offering a November auction that features world-class single cards, sets, and memorabilia.

The auction is led by a 1948 Bowman Stan Musial rookie card with the elite grade of MINT PSA 9 and an incredibly scarce 1971-72 Bazooka Hockey Panel complete set with each card in the set ranked as the highest ever graded.

“Once again, we’ve been privileged to present an auction filled with amazing cards, but the Bazooka hockey set takes it to a new level. You never see these cards, even as singles, but to be able to offer the entire collection in 3-card panel form with almost all of them the best by two or three grades, that blew us away,” said Mile High Card Company CEO and President Brian Drent.

The auction begins Monday, Oct. 24 and concludes Thursday, Nov. 10.

High profile rookie cards have become a trademark of MHCC auctions and the November event is no different, featuring 1951 Bowman #305 Willie Mays PSA 7 NM, 1954 Topps #201 Al Kaline PSA 8 NM/MT, 1954 Topps #128 Henry Aaron PSA 7.5 NM+, 1955 Topps #123 Sandy Koufax PSA 8 NM/MT, 1955 Topps #164 Roberto Clemente PSA 7 NM, 1969 Topps #260 Reggie Jackson PSA 9 MINT, 1958 Topps #62 Jim Brown PSA 8 NM/MT, 1965 Topps #122 Joe Namath SGC 92 NM/MT+ 8.5 and 1979 O-Pee-Chee #18 Wayne Gretzky PSA 8 NM/MT.

Other standout cards include T216 People's Tobacco/Kotton Cigarettes Honus Wagner Throwing PSA Authentic - the only example ever graded, 1933 Goudey #92 Lou Gehrig PSA 8 NM/MT, 1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle SGC 60 EX 5, 1958 Topps #150 Mickey Mantle PSA 9 MINT, 1960 Topps #563 Mickey Mantle All Star PSA 10 GEM MINT, 1961 Topps #578 Mickey Mantle PSA 10 GEM MINT, 1966 Topps #50 Mickey Mantle PSA 9 MINT, 1969 Topps #190 Willie Mays PSA 10 GEM MINT, 1955 Topps All-American #16 Knute Rockne PSA 10 GEM MINT and 1888 N162 Goodwin Champions Beecher PSA 7 NM, the very first football card ever produced.

The auction is also loaded with PSA Set Registry collections, with a 1951 Topps Baseball Blue Back complete set with Wax Pack #1 on PSA Set Registry leading the way. Other sets in the auction include: 1951 Topps Baseball Red Back Complete Master Set with Wrapper, #2 on PSA Set Registry; 1955 Topps Double Headers Complete Set, #3 Current Finest on PSA Set Registry with Wax Pack and Wrapper; 1991 Topps Desert Shield Complete Set, #4 Current Finest on PSA Set Registry; and 1966 Topps Football Complete Set, #2 on PSA Set Registry. Also offered are other high-quality sets and near sets, including: 1951 Bowman near complete set (319/324) nearly all PSA graded with Mantle and Mays; 1953 Bowman Color near complete set (155/160) all PSA graded; 1955 Bowman near complete set (305/320) all PSA graded with Mantle; 1956 Topps Baseball High Grade near complete set (337/342) mostly PSA graded; 1957 Topps complete set mostly PSA graded with extras; 1950 Bowman Football near complete set (121/144) plus extras mostly PSA graded; and 1951 Bowman Football near complete (143/144) high grade set mostly PSA graded with extras.

Once again, MHCC is breaking up a PSA Set Registry ranked 1952 Topps baseball collection, offering 1952 Topps #1 Andy Pafko PSA 7 NM, #261 Willie Mays PSA 7 NM, #312 Jackie Robinson PSA 7 NM and #314 Roy Campanella PSA 8 NM/MT with tough NM/MT examples of #326 George Shuba PSA 8 NM/MT and #388 Bob Chipman PSA 8 NM/MT as well as 23 cards grade PSA 9 MINT, including #375 Jack Merson PSA 9 MINT.

Museum-quality memorabilia will be available in the MHCC November auction, featuring a 1973 Willie Mays New York Mets game-used and signed jersey from his final season, a 1910 Christy Mathewson "Won in the Ninth" cardboard advertising display, a 1912 S110 Baseball Player Silks Pillowtop featuring Cobb, Mathewson and Speaker, a 1938 New York Yankees team-signed OAL (Harridge) ball with (21) signatures featuring Gehrig and DiMaggio, a 1967 Cincinnati Reds team-signed Pete Rose game-used bat with (32) signatures featuring rookie-year Johnny Bench, a 1980s Bo Jackson Auburn Tigers game-used jersey and Bill Klem original artwork by renowned artist Richard Merkin.

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