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'Babe Comes Home' movie posters headed to auction

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Babe Ruth will return to the Big Apple this November when two rare images from the slugger's 1927 film "Babe Comes Home," are offered during the fourth annual Hollywood Poster Auction from The Last Moving Picture Co. on Nov. 11.

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"These are two dynamo images that have never been seen at auction before," said Morris Everett Jr., owner of The Last Moving Picture Co. of Kirtland, Ohio, which is hosting the New York-based event.

Everett noted that a title lobby card from "Babe Comes Home" sold for $17,000] a few years ago, while a one-sheet from the movie, the only one known to exist, sold for $127,000. The upcoming Hollywood Poster Auction will offer an insert (14-by-36 inches, shown far right) and a half-sheet (22-by-28 inches, center) featuring the Sultan of Swat.

"We are asking for a reserve of $40,000 on the insert and a reserve of at least $60,000 on the half-sheet," Everett said. Both pieces are part of a treasure trove of vintage posters discovered in the foundation and within the walls of a house whose location is being kept secret.

During remodeling, Everett said the home's surprised owners found old movie posters - mostly inserts and one-sheets - that had been used as insulation, a common practice in certain locales many years ago.

For more information on the sale, call (440) 256-3660 or e-mail

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