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American Memorabilia's 500 HR Club bat find

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Victor Moreno, CEO of of Las Vegas, Nev., in association with Rocco DiPierro, CEO of Kingdome Sports of Boca Raton, Fla., examined a collection of more than 600 vintage game-used Major League Baseball bats last month. The consigner, who wishes to remain anonymous, chose to handle the sale of his amazing collection.

The veteran Moreno called the collection “one of the most important discoveries for the hobby in recent years.” The collection includes game-used bats from the some of the toughest Hall of Famers. Moreno noted that the collector took great pains in attaining the finest vintage bats available, adding that the most discriminating of collectors will find bats in this collection that were previously unobtainable at any price.

Some of the initial highlights from the collection included the following:

  • 1932 game-used and signed Babe Ruth bat with supporting paperwork from Hillerich & Bradsby
  • Early 1950s Eddie Matthews game-used bat
  • Early 1960s Willie Mays game-used bat
  • George Brett Bicentennial game-used bat
  • Mike Schmidt signed Worth bat with home runs Nos. 510 and 511 inscribed by Schmidt
  • Roberto Clemente game-used Momen bat from his rookie year
  • Ted Williams game-used and signed bat
  • Game-used bats from the 500 Home Run Club, including Frank Robinson, Willie McCovey, Mickey Mantle and others (Andy Jurinko 500 Home Run Club portraits shown)

After the initial inspection of the collection, John Taube of PSA/DNA Authentication Services was dispatched to Florida to begin the first stage of the authentication process. chose John Taube and Vince Malta of PSA/DNA to authenticate each of the 600 bats in the find.

Moreno, DiPierro and the consigner came to terms as far as the distribution of the collection. The more significant bats will be divided up and sold over a course of a year, headlining as a “Featured Collection” in each of’s seven yearly auctions. A selection of bats, not yet specified, will be available for direct sale through in Las Vegas and Kingdome Sports in Boca Raton.

For more information, contact at (800) 430-0667 or via e-mail at

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