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A-Rod Yanks jersey tops Steiner Crosstown auctions

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Steiner Sports' collectibles relationships with the New York Yankees and New York Mets paid dividends for collectors in the company's Crosstown Auctions, which ended Nov. 27 and Nov. 1.

Alex Rodriguez's 2006 Opening Series game-used Yankees road jersey headlined both auctions with a selling price of $8,056, including the 15 percent buyer's premium.

"You either love A-Rod or you hate him, but most people agree that he is one of the top two or three best players in baseball and anything of his that is game-used, autographed or game-issued always sells for a premium," said Steiner Sports executive vice president of Yankees-Steiner (and Mets-Steiner) Collectibles Sean Mahoney.

Meanwhile, a 2006 David Wright game-used white pinstriped jersey paced the Mets auction with a top bid of $5,767.

"Wright really put himself on the map this year," Mahoney said. "This year he took his game to a whole new level. Everything we sold - jerseys, bats, helmets - went for a large premium."

Also grabbing the spotlight in the auctions were Derek Jeter game-used memorabilia from 2006, including his game-used cap for $2,898, his short sleeve cage jacket for $1,173 and his Yankee Stadium clubhouse chair for $1,397.

"Anything that is from 2006 that is Jeter-related is obviously a little more special because it was one of the best years he's ever had," Mahoney said. "There was a lot of anticipation in him potentially winning the MVP award. It obviously ended up not happening, but I think people are pretty fired up about 2006 Jeter game-used items in general."

Other top-selling items in the Nov. 1 Crosstown Auction were Paul O'Neill's 2001 game-used Yankees World Series home jersey for $7,159, Mariano Rivera's 2005 signed game-used Yankees home jersey for $7,136 and Roger Clemens' 1999 No. 12 game-used Yankees road jersey for $6,331. Also, a Pedro Martinez 2006 game-used white alternate Mets jersey from his 200th win went for $4,830.

An interesting sale was a vintage Yankee Stadium clubhouse trunk for $2,881.

"That is what they called a 'steamer trunk,' which dates as far back as the Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris days and even Joe D. This was what the Yankees used to transport their equipment when they went on the road," Mahoney said. "There is a lot of history behind those. We've had a few of them and this one went for $2,881, but they've gone for as much as $5,000."

Meanwhile, other top-selling items from the Crosstown Auction II, which ended last week, were Jorge Posada's 1998 game-used Yankees World Series road jersey for $2,832, Bernie Williams' 2005 signed game-used Yankees road jersey for $2,329 and Billy Martin's 1983 game-used Yankees road pants for $1,176.

Steiner Crosstown I Auction Results
Nov. 1, 2006

Descriptions provided by auction company Total ($)
Alex Rodriguez 2006 Opening Series Game-Used Road Jsy $8,056
Paul O'Neill 2001 Game-Used WS Home Jsy w/AF, AL, band $7,159
Mariano Rivera Signed/Inscribed 2005 G-U Home Jsy (PO) $7,136
Roger Clemens 1999 G-U Road Jersey $6,331
Pedro Martinez 2006 G-U White Alternate Jersey (200th Win) $4,830
Bernie Williams 2004 Game-Used Road Jersey $4,606
Tino Martinez 1999 G-U WS Home Jsy w/band and Joe D 5 $3,398
Joe Torre 1996 Game-Used Road Jersey $3,071
Vintage New York Yankee Stadium Clubhouse Trunk $2,881
Red Sox On-Deck Circle from Shea Stadium (from '86 WS) $2,875
Jorge Posada 1997 G-U Road Jsy w/ Jackie Robinson patch $2,421
2004 ALCS Game 1 Lineup Card Red Sox at Yankees $2,305
Hideki Matsui 55 Game-Used American Flag Cap 9-11-2005 $2,083
Bernie Williams 2004 Game-Used Yankees Batting Helmet $1,972
2004 ALCS Homeplate Yankees Bullpen $1,961
Randy Johnson 2005 Game-Used Home Jersey $1,875
Andy Pettitte 2001 G-U WS Road Jsy w/ flag, band, AL Patch $1,788
Orlando Hernandez 2000 G-U WS Home Jersey w/ Band $1,731
1996 New York Yankees Team Signed World Series Baseball $1,725
David Cone 2000 G-U WS Road Jersey w/ Black Arm Band $1,558
Chien-Ming Wang 2006 G-U Clubhouse Yankee Stadium Chair $1,512
Alfonso Soriano 2003 Game-Used World Series Road Jersey $1,444
Derek Jeter 2006 G-U Yankee Stadium Clubhouse Chair $1,397
Carlos Delgado 2006 Game-Used Home White Jersey $1,349
Mariano Rivera '98 G-U BP Jsy w/Yank Stad 75th Ann Patch $1,271
Don Mattingly Signed 2005 Game-Used Road Jersey $1,185
David Cone 1997 Game-Used Home Jersey $1,173
Bernie Williams Game-Used Bat $1,167
Wade Boggs 1995 G-U Road Jersey (Patches Removed) $1,155
Mike Mussina 35 2005 Game-Used Home Jersey $1,150
Tom Glavine 47 2005 Game-Used Road Grey Jersey $1,104
Luis Sojo 1999 G-U WS Home Jersey w/ Band and Joe D 5 $1,075
Shane Spencer 1999 G-U WS Road Jsy w/ band and Joe D 5 $1,067
Hideki Matsui 2006 G-U Yankee Stadium Clubhouse Chair $1,019
Large Yankee Stadium Directional Metal Sign $960
Robinson Cano 2006 G-U Yankee Stadium Clubhouse Chair $932
Mariano Rivera 42 2006 Game-Used Clubhouse Chair $929
Jorge Posada 20 2005 Game-Used Shin Guards $903
Ramiro Mendoza 2000 Game-Used WS Home Jersey w/Band $900
Bernie Williams 2006 G-U Clubhouse Yankee Stadium Chair $881
Sterling Hitchcock '01 G-U WS Rd Jsy, Am flag, band, AL Patch $870
Willie Randolph 2001 Game-Used WS Road Jersey $837
Gary Sheffield 11 2004 Game-Used Batting Helmet $812
David Wright Game-Used Shea Stadium Locker Room Chair $811
Mariano Rivera Signed/Ins 2005 Game Issued Home Jersey $799
Joe Torre Signed 2005 New York Yankees Game-Used Cap $782
Mariano Rivera Signed/Ins Save 366 G-U ball, 8-08-2005 $776
Randy Johnson 41 2006 Game-Used Clubhouse Chair $776
Johnny Damon 18 2006 Game-Used Clubhouse Chair $751
Whitey Ford 16 Signed Old Timers Day Home Jersey $737
Alex Rodriguez '04 All-Star Game-Used Large Yanks Duffle Bag $719

Steiner Crosstown II Auction Results
Nov. 27, 2006

Descriptions provided by auction company Total ($)
David Wright 2006 Game-Used White Pinstripe Jersey $5,767
Derek Jeter 2006 Game-Used Cap $2,898
Jorge Posada 1998 Game-Used World Series Road Jersey $2,832
Bernie Williams 2005 Signed/Ins "05 Game-Used" Road Jsy $2,329
Billy Martin Game-Used New York Yankees 1983 Road Pants $1,176
Derek Jeter 2006 Short Sleeve Cage Jacket $1,173
Mariano Rivera Signed 2006 Game-Used Clubhouse Chair $1,139
Chien Ming Wang 2006 Game-Used road pants $932
Jose Valentin 2006 Game-Used NLCS Pinstripe Jersey $917
Billy Wagner 2006 Game-Used NLCS Pinstripe Jersey $874
Julio Franco 2006 Game-Used NLCS Pinstripe Jersey $780
Mel Stottlemyer 2001 G-U WS Home Jersey w/AL, AF, band $754
Don MattingIy G-U Yankees 1985 Home Pants (MVP Season) $730
Derek Jeter Game-Used New York Yankees 1998 Road Pants $662
Mariano Rivera Signed 2005 Game-Used Cap $616