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1968 Topps Test issue headlines Sotheby's with SCP

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Cards from a host of vintage baseball card issues are featured in the May 11 Sotheby's with SCP Internet Auction, including early tobacco cards, Goudeys, Play Balls, early Topps, early Bowmans, and an extensive number of scarce regional card issues and prewar cards. Memorabilia in the sale will include a wide array of single-signed and team-signed baseballs, game-used bats, jerseys, trophies and awards, programs, advertising pieces, pennants, tickets, and several Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and New York Yankees items.

"We were getting so many items, often from consigners with major pieces for the live auction in New York City but who had additional items, and this provides another option for material in the $1,000-$10,000 range and beyond," said David Kohler, SCP president and CEO.

Kohler anticipates that the Internet auctions will be held twice and year, and he noted that they are already getting material in for the October edition.
The Internet sale includes second installments of the massive collections of Mike Cramer and Dr. Douglas Triplett, including complete and near-complete sets of nearly every Topps and Bowman baseball issue from 1948-75, along with nearly all the Topps and Bowman football sets from 1948 through 1956.

Memorabilia highlights include numerous Ruth-signed items, including a high-grade single-signed baseball.

Several rare regional sets and lots will be featured, including Zeenuts, Stahl-Meyers, Wilson Wieners, Royal Desserts, Tip Tops, Spic and Spans, Hires Root Beers, Hunter, Rodeo, Morrell and Esskay Meats, Laval Dairy, Bell Brands, Kahns, Red Hearts, Mother's Cookies, Clover Leafs and Sugerdales.

A fresh find of important Topps "Test" issues will be featured, including a 1968 Topps Test Basketball complete set, a 1969 Topps Super complete set, 1968 Action All-Star Stickers, and a 1974 Topps Deckle complete set.
A significant number of prewar cards will be included, such as an N28 baseball set, assorted Old Judges, Buchner Gold Coins, T201's, T205's, T-206's, T212's, some rare 1934 R304 Al Demaree Die-cuts, Delongs, Batter Ups, Double Plays, Orbit Gum, Goudeys and Play Balls.

Among the prominent single cards to be included are a 1917 Boston Store Babe Ruth card, a T215 Red Cross Back Walter Johnson, a PSA-graded 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle and several PSA-graded Goudey Babe Ruth cards.

Online bidding will begin at in late April and the auction will close on May 11. The auction will feature more than 750 lots, all featured in a Sotheby's and SCP Auctions full-color catalog as well as on the SCP Auctions website at

Call (800) 350-2273 for more information.

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