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1958 Topps Pancho Herrera Error Card Attracting Attention

Clean Sweep’s latest auction is headlined by a PSA 9 example of the rare 1958 Topps Pancho Herrera error card.

Clean Sweep’s latest auction opens up with a truly exciting card, the only Mint 9 example of the 1958 Topps Baseball Pancho Herrer(a) error. The card has been in the possession of the consignor for 20 years and was just recently slabbed at the National Convention in Cleveland.

“This is a true 1-of-1, highest graded card,” said Clean Sweep’s Steve Verkman. “As far as price histories, the highest example ever sold was an ‘8’ back in 2007 for over $25,000.”

Baseball cards of note continue with a remarkably well balanced selection of better 19th century pieces, tough earlier tobacco and caramel issues with many Ty Cobb and Christy Mathewson cards, rare type cards and high-grade singles.


Specifically of note in the singles category is an N162 Goodwin Champions album, an 1888 Sporting Times Cigar New York Giants team card featuring eight Hall of Famers, some amazing 1906 Lincoln Philadelphia A’s postcards including a beautiful Plank, a nice E95 Cobb, Brunner’s Bread Honus Wagner, T222 Fatima Grover Cleveland Alexander, two 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth cards, 1968 Topps 3-D and 1971 Topps Greatest Moments.

As far as sets and lots, notable offerings include half a T206 set, a lot of 36 different T206 Southern Leaguers, a near-set of 1937 OPC, a nice 1949 Bowman set, a fantastic 1956 Topps set with many 8s including Mantle, a rare 1964 Topps Rookie Banquet set and superb 1966 and 1972 Topps sets with many 8s.

Baseball autographs follow, with note to a great run of signed team and HOF single-signed GPCs going back to 1929; a John McGraw check; a new selection of documents from 1960, including Cobb, Mantle, Maris and Mays; and from a great Mets collection come some amazing team-signed Mets yearbooks from 1965-73 in pristine condition.

“Collectors of Presidential, historical and entertainment autographs should have a field day in this auction, as we acquired all-new inventory from three different collections,” Verkman said.

The section opens with an authentic Robert E. Lee signed CDV. Clean Sweep also has many new Executive Mansion signed cards, two good Ronald Reagan lots, the “Dewey Defeats Truman” newspaper from 1948 and an Ernest Hemingway signed first edition.
Entertainment autographs also contain some great signed photos going back to the 1930s, including Mary Pickford, Charles Laughton, Jay Silverheels (Tonto) and Ethel Merman.

Non-sports cards contain broken sets of the revered 1933 Goudey Sea Raiders and 1938 G-Men issues.

Boxing collectors will see many fine Muhammad Ali signed items, quality memorabilia from the 2001 Ali movie, two top James Jeffries signed items (including a check) and an amazing 1927 Jack Dempsey/Gene Tunney original triptych cardboard sign.

The football category contains a Super Bowl II Green Bay Packers signed football and a 1971 Cowboys signed football, the latter their first championship team. Clean Sweep also offers a run of football sets from 1950-67.

Single-signed baseballs in the lineup include Walt Alston, Roberto Clemente, Ty Cobb, Joe McCarthy, Satchel Paige, Pie Traynor and two Babe Ruths – one of which is the more rare “in quotes” style from 1927 or earlier.

Other better signed baseballs include 1926 and 1928 White Sox team balls, an affordable 1927 Yankees with a real Gehrig, a 1935 Yankees with a bold Gehrig, many Pirates team balls with higher grade Clementes and many Mets team balls with real Hodges autographs.

Baseball memorabilia concludes the auction, with a real 1973 Mets World Series ring and related memorabilia from a former long-time Mets employee. Also look for Mel Stottlemyre game-used items, including a 1986 Mets World Series jacket and a possible 2001 Yankees World Series jacket.

Ticket collectors will see full tickets from the 1969, 1973 and 1986 World Series from the same great new-to-the-hobby Mets collection. There is a superb Babe Ruth sterling silver Tour of Japan cigarette case from Lefty O’Doul, a real Ted’s Root Beer 1959 cardboard sign and a full set of Hartland statues, many with boxes, offered as individual lots.

For more information on this auction, contact Clean Sweep at (516) 338-8557 or visit

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