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1952 Topps Set Reels in $382,741, Bird Jersey Tops $60K in Mile High Auction

A 1952 Topps set, #10 on PSA Set Registry, breaks $382,000 in Mile High Card Co.'s August 2016 Auction that also saw impressive prices for items related to Larry Bird and Joe Montana.

Smaller in size than the traditional Mile High Card Co. auction, MHCC’s August event provided plenty of elite star power. Leading the way was a 1952 Topps Baseball set ranked #10 on the PSA Set Registry. The set was sold in individual lots that totaled $382,741.

“While the totals on the 1952 Topps cards were impressive, they weren’t as surprising as many other items. We expected this to be a particularly strong event and our expectations were greatly exceeded,” said MHCC President and CEO Brian Drent.

The 1952 Topps set was led, of course, by a stunning 1952 #311 Mickey Mantle PSA 7 NM that sold for $166,944, with the 1952 #407 Eddie Mathews rookie card PSA 7 hauling in an astonishing $38,129, 1952 #1 Andy Pafko PSA 7 NM netting $12,140 and 1952 #312 Jackie Robinson PSA 7 NM closing at $9,833. MHCC was fortunate enough to be able to offer three other 1952 #311 Mickey Mantle cards in this auction as well, with a PSA 6 EX/MT selling for $64,828, an SGC 70 EX+ 5.5 that sold for $49,394 and a PSA 4 VG/EX that closed out at $25,194.


Some of the finest memorabilia that MHCC has ever offered was presented in the August catalog, much of it fresh to the hobby. A hotly contested 1979-80 Larry Bird rookie year complete uniform graded MEARS A10 finally settled at an astronomical figure of $60,125, almost triple the price it sold for at auction just two years ago; a 1979-81 Joe Montana San Francisco 49ers game-worn rookie era jersey MEARS A10 fetched $24,947; 1969-70 Reggie Jackson Oakland A's game-worn green mist style flannel jersey MEARS A 8.5 collected $14,242, 1959 Tony Kubek New York Yankees game-used home flannel sold for $6,991; a Franklin D. Roosevelt single-signed OAL (Harridge) ball Inscribed to Clark Griffith and attributed to Opening Day 1937 that graced the catalog cover reeled in $37,257.


More highlights: a spectacular Babe Ruth single-signed OAL (Harridge) ball changed hands to the tune of $33,792 and a 1938 New York Yankees team-signed OAL (Harridge) ball with (21) signatures and featuring Gehrig and DiMaggio reached the sum of $5,960. A 1952 Bowman #101 Mickey Mantle autographed card PSA/DNA 9 Mint reached a stunning level at $7,786, a 1910s Ty Cobb Type I original photo sold for $2,194 and a 1950s Ted Williams Type I original photo Used in 1954, '55 and '56 cards by George Woodruff sold for $1,359.


Elite postwar rookie and star cards dominated the auction and brought in some incredible results, including 1948 Bowman #6 Yogi Berra PSA 8.5 NM/MT+ at $13,745, well more than double the previous record price; 1951 Bowman #253 Mickey Mantle PSA 6 EX/MT that sold for $20,015; 1954 Topps #128 Hank Aaron SGC 96 Mint 9 that tipped the scales at an uncanny $127,873; 1954 Topps #128 Hank Aaron EX/NM 6 sold for $4,923; 1954 Topps #94 Ernie Banks PSA 7 NM brought in $3,567; 1954 Topps #201 Al Kaline PSA 9 MINT that broke $41,000; and 1955 Topps #164 Roberto Clemente PSA 8 NM/MT closing at $56,000.

More results: 1955 Topps #123 Sandy Koufax PSA 8 NM/MT sold for just short of $19,000, 1956 Topps #135 Mickey Mantle Gray Back PSA 7 NM was added to a new collection for $3,397, 1958 Topps #47 Roger Maris PSA 9 MINT at $14,004, 1959 Topps #514 Bob Gibson PSA 9 MINT that brought in $34,582, 1959 Topps #10 Mickey Mantle PSA 8 NM/MT came in strong at $5,418, 1964 Topps #9 NL Home Run Leaders PSA 10 GEM MINT that will make its PSA Set Registry presence felt at $3,924, 1968 Topps #177 Nolan Ryan PSA 9 MINT that soared at $45,289, two 1965 Topps #122 Joe Namath rookie cards, a PSA 8 NM/MT that sold for $37,869 and a PSA 7 that earned $8,814, and a 1986 Fleer #57 Michael Jordan PSA 9 MINT, still the king of the hardcourt at $6,299.

Other high-profile offerings include a 1909-11 T206 Piedmont 150 Walter Johnson Portrait PSA 8 NM/MT that brought in $46,033, double the previous record set last year, 1912 T204 Ramly Wildfire Schulte PSA 8 NM/MT that netted $2,478, 1914 Cracker Jack Roger Bresnahan No Number on Back PSA 5 EX that sold for $3,397, 1933 Goudey #149 Babe Ruth PSA 9(OC) MINT that sold for $38,728, 1953 Topps #1 Jackie Robinson NM/MT+ 8.5 that broke the previous record with a sale of $10,150, 1953 Topps #82 Mickey Mantle PSA 8 NM/MT, an amazing specimen that netted $52,428, 1959 Topps #10 Mickey Mantle PSA 8 NM/MT that sold for $5,418, 1961 Topps #577 Hank Aaron PSA 10 GEM MINT that brought in $4,161, 1964 Topps #50 Mickey Mantle PSA 9 MINT that changed hands for $13,542, 1964 Topps #250 Al Kaline PSA 10 GEM MINT that brought in $4,749, 1951 Topps Connie Mack's All-Stars Edward Collins PSA 8 NM/MT- The Only Example Ever Graded NM/MT 8 by PSA and it showed with a selling price of $8,125, and 1955 Topps All-American #68 The Four Horsemen PSA 9 MINT that set a record with a price of $5,036.

A 1927 New York Yankees World Series Press Pin sold for a strong price of $2,368 and a 1935 Goudey Complete Set #14 on PSA Set Registry netted $4,477. The always popular 1960s Hartland Statues complete set received spirited action with a sale price of $2,840, 1964 Outer Limits High-Grade Complete Set All Graded nailed down $4,167 and the ultimate prize for any basketball card enthusiast, a 1986 Fleer Basketball Full Unopened Wax Box BBCE, found a new home for a sale price of $60,694.


For more information on this auction, call Mile High at (303) 840-2784 or visit