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1948 Bowman baseball 'Beer Box' find to be auctioned


CASTLE ROCK, Colo. -- The greatest unopened wax pack discovery in a generation, “The Beer Box Find” of 2017, was so expansive that it had to be spread out over two Mile High Card Company Auctions and was led by a near full 1948 Bowman wax box containing the only known packs to exist. 

The box, containing 19 of the 24 wax packs, fetched over $521,000 in heavy bidding with several of the underbidders later lamenting not taking that next bid. Well here’s the opportunity at redemption as the box is making its way back to Mile High Card Company’s August Auction. 


“With prices realized for unopened material reaching an unprecedented level, the winning bidder from the June 2017 auction has decided to part with it, keeping one pack for his collection and returning the other 18 and the box for consignment,” said MHCC President and CEO Brian Drent.

For those unfamiliar with “The Beer Box Find,” the collection originated from a family that operated one of the most prominent non-sports trading card companies of its time and even dabbled in the baseball card market. Company executives routinely examined products of their competitors for research purposes and then put them in storage, which explains their pristine condition. The unopened material, primarily from the 1950s to 1970s, consisted of complete and near-complete wax boxes of both sports and non-sports collections, many of which had not been seen since their initial introduction. 

Until the discovery of this 1948 Bowman lot, there had been no known packs on record and none have surfaced since. The original 1948 Bowman display box, well-worn and held together with tape, is also the only known example to exist. 

According to authenticator Steve Hart of Baseball Card Exchange (BBCE), the packs range from NM to NM/MT. The wrapped box comes with BBCE’s letter of authenticity and Hart has referred to them as "absolutely marvelous" in telephone conversations.

MHCC is accepting consignments for the August Auction. Call (303) 840-2784 for details or contact

Source: Mile High Card Company