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1865 Brooklyn Atlantics CDV Brings $92,000 at Auction

The pickers will be out in full force as word spreads that an 1865 Brooklyn Atlantics CDV found in a photo album at a flea market brings $92,000 at auction.

The story was one we'd all love to be part of: Scouring a flea market and picking up an artifact that turns out to have an early baseball "card" inside. The "card" turns out to be an 1865 Brooklyn Atlantics CDV that has never hit the market before.

Such was the case for a lucky individual from Maine, who sold the piece last night with Saco River Auction for $92,000, inclusive of the buyer's premium.


The buyer of the piece, Jason Leblanc, said he wouldn't have gone past the $80,000 final bid he posted, and that he is hoping to use the CDV as an investment. Leblanc is a financial consultant.

The consignor of the piece did not want to be identified. He found the CDV in a photo album at a flea market. Just another reminder to check through everything you buy - you never know what kind of treasures you'll find.

And in a shameless plug, I had the chance to talk about the sale to an AP writer from Maine last night. That story has been picked up by many national outlets, including Fox Sports and ESPN – so good news for the hobby and a great plug for SCD as well.